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solar water pumping system


Best specialties coupled with great performance have resulted in ABI Solar Pumps producing a unique mark in the solar pump market, the business over. Available in the range of 1 HP-100 HP, ABI Solar Pumps offer more discharge as compared to other normal pumps. Usually, this makes our pumps the best in the solar pump market.

ABI Solar Pumps has always been a guide in state of art technology which has recently produced its Solar Pumps sets based on its impression fabricated technology for the best discharge and value for money. It has already been proven that ABI Solar Pumps has the best discharge with great energy efficiency which gives high more discharge than its opponents and other regular solar pumps sets.

Other motors need high torque when it is worked by electricity, but ABI's new solar technology doesn't need it and simply affects rotor which enhances pumps' life, whereas other electric operated pump's life becomes very limited and notableto give half of the discharge of ABI Solar pumps.

  • No fuel costs
  • Easy maintenance & long life
  • Subsidy schemes by government
  • Uninterrupted operation
  • Independence from grid
  • Highly reliable and durable