ABI Associate - Solar Street Light Dealer

solar street light


We are one of the dealers of Solar Street Lights for many outdoor applications in remote, unelectrified rural areas. They have the capacity to operate from dusk to dawn. It has original "SS" design for wind resistance with a super surface structure to avoid corrosion. These solar streetlights have options for stand-alone and centralized systems. Our products will put your mind to the test by producing enough high output street lighting for hours of nighttime operation.

  • Site Visit and study of roof space, electrical charges, past consumption etc.
  • Finalize the system sizing and parameters for operation
  • Laisoning work for PPA and synchronization.
  • Detailed Design of System including all electrical(DC side) and structural systems
  • Procurement of all components
  • Installation, Testing & Commissioning
  • Trial process and system loading
  • Provide training to client staff for basic overview and troubleshooting.