Who we are ?

Solar has used to power all kinds of electronic devices, from solar-powered handheld calculators that will work as long as sunlight is available, to remote solar-powered sensor arrays in buoys, and even some innovative vehicles and boats. Solar is also placed on outside lighting structures - the solar cell is charged when daylight hours, and at night, we get free electricity to keep our streets well-lit and secure. Solar is used widely on satellites, where an array of solar cells produce substantial power for the electrical systems.

Solar Energy plants, which are large collections of solar panels arranged to produce commercial power, are becoming more and more frequent these days. electricity produced from solar panels is free, almost infinitely abounding, and non-polluting.

Powering places with solar power has also been a main part of the solar revolution the last two decades have seen. Solar can be placed on the roof of homes, businesses, or remote research stations, and can be used independently of or in conjunction with the local power grid.

History, expansion, and growth

In 2012 started as agriculture purpose compressor and oil engines reworks. Then additionally we started water drip irrigation in the year of 2013 by one man organization.

In 2014 we furthermore involved electrical work for industries. Like spinning mills, weaving factory etc., then 2015 our team has been increased to 7 employees. Then we served an industrial automation more than 30 companies.

In 2016 we initially started the solar business for agricultural application in the name of ABI SOLAR SOLUTION. At the time NABARD gave a 48% subsidy. Then we focused solar application product for Agri and commercial purpose.

From 2017 onwards we concentrate on an industrial solar and Agri solar pumps. Up to now we erected more than 145 solar pumps by subsidy scheme. Privately we installed more than 60 pumps. Up to now we erect rooftop from 1KW to 1 MW.

From August 2018 onwards, we changed our company name as"ABI ASSOCIATE"now our company having 12 employees.


  • Industrial solar power plant
  • Agri solar pumps
  • Domestic solar (on/off grid)
  • Solar Street light

Our Solar Water Pumping Dealers